I want my car back

Awhile ago my brother backed into my sexy little sporty car with his big tough redneck truck. Not really a big deal to me because I knew he would pay for it and their was no need to get mad. He was pretty upset, probably mostly about the money because he is a tightwad. Its been so long ago that I can't actually remember when it was. I'm going to go with, June 21st. I know it was a Sunday and I know it was at least three weeks ago. Yeah I think it was the 21st.

To see a picture of my car stuck in the snow click here.

Anyway, my car was still drivable and I called the body shop guy the next day and he came to my work and looked at it. He said bring it in the following Monday and it would take him about a week to fix it.

So for the first week I got to drive my brothers big sports car bashing redneck truck. Let me tell you, I felt tough. Real tough. He used to have a loud muffler on it but after being stopped by Johnny Law one too many times he took that off. If it still had the loud muffler I would have felt invisible. His truck has a cd player, air conditioning and an auxiliary cord so I could plug my iPod into it.

I called the body shop that Thursday which would have been the Thursday before 4th of July to see when it would be ready on Friday. To my surprise the owner said that they were closed on Friday and he had a little blue Ford car I could drive. Ford. Ehhh.

I went there to get the Ford Contour and it basically a grandma car with a spoiler. The gas tank was on empty and the only form of music playing devices it had was a cassette tape player and a radio. Boooh!!! Oh and the speakers on the passengers side didn't work at all. So I drove that for about a week until I got a call from the body shop guy. He need the grocery getter back for a lady that had some kids to haul around. He says he has a Ford Ranger for me to drive and he will drop it off at my work and take the car.

So that day I walked out of work and into the parking lot thinking that I hope I can figure out which truck it was. It wasn't hard to spot at all. It was the one that said "Blah Blah Auto Body" all over the darn thing. So I have been a mobile billboard now for about a week. At least this truck has a cd player in it and decent speakers but I mean come on. The gas tank of this one was on empty too. The owner of the auto body shop is a hunter and there are shotgun shells in the console. I doubt that its is legal for me to be driving around with shotgun shells. And it smells funny. Like hay or dirt or deer or hunting dogs. I can't quite pinpoint it but I can definitely smell it.

Yesterday was supposed to be the day I got my car back. Now today is supposed to be the day I get my sexy little fast loud music playing car back. I'm taking this truck back at 4:30 and I'm not leaving without my 30 miles to the gallon car.

I cannot wait to get it in and find something good on my iPod, crank up the volume, and rip through the gears of my manual transmission like some kind of mad woman. So if you see a little grey Eclipse coming down the road between 4:30 and 5:00 tonight, move over.


(army)Wife said...

I would so give the truck back with an empty gas tank!

I hope your baby is back in tip top shape :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you get it back today!

Bridget said...

Wow, am I wrong or did it take a little to long in the shop? I hope you got it back today though.