The Smart Me

I just got home from school. The class I'm taking this summer is Practical Software Applications. Tonight we had a project in Excel due. It could be anything we wanted. I did mine on... well I'm not gonna bore you with that. Its work related and unless you know anything about grain bins, cubic feet, and density it wouldn't make any sense. At work we already had an Excel spreadsheet for inventory of grain bins that basically only multiplied two numbers.

Well I made a new way better spreadsheet. One of my formulas was so long that I couldn't complete it in Excel 2003. I had to finish it up on my laptop with 2007. I'm usually pretty modest but my project blew everyone else's in class away. My teacher said it was "excellent" more than once. No one else got an "excellent."

The old dude in my class said that I should write spreadsheets for people in my share time. Sign me up. How the heck would I start doing that though?

I guess after not being in school for 9 years, I forgot that I am smart. Until I started going back to school, I really didn't have to exercise my brain too much. I love it. Granted, I'll be glad when actually have a degree. Someday I would love to work from home. I just don't know where to start.


Christina said...


I seriously use Excel all the time. I do a monthly budget, broke down into weeks and the bills that get paid each week. Total income minus the bills leaving what's left. It helps me stay organized and not go over our budget.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great! I'm glad you did so well!