I'm a winner

Holy crap!!! I won a giveaway. Actually, the only giveaway I have ever entered. This is amazing to me. I always say that I say that I couldn't win bingo if I was the only one that was playing. Pretty sure I wasn't the only one that entered either.

I won a book from Random Musings of my Life. She is a super cool chick that loves shoes, bargains, shopping, and shopping for shoes that are a bargain. Oh and she is Canadian and I think Canadians rock!!!

So go over to her page and check her out. She will be giving away more books in the near future.

Thanks for making my day!!!


Jessica said...

congrats :)
I don't think i've won anything ever in my entire life either. I'll have to sign up on her next giveaway ~ such a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I never win giveaways! :)

Teresa said...

Ahh I kind of miss school. :)

Giveaway wins are my favorite lol.