I just woke up from a nap... at 4:30 in the afternoon West Coast time.... on a weekday. Vacation is good. I made it here. With only one minor event to report. I'll get back to that.

My husband is sexy as always and it is great to be with him finally. He had to go to formation and then him and his buddy are going to change his oil real quick so I'm at the hotel blogging. I have only not check my blog for less than 48 hours and have 25 blogs to read.

Today we moved all of Matt's stuff out of his room at the barrack into his car. Sounds easy right? Well he lives on the third floor and there is no elevator or air conditioning. And its hot. (Not as hot as home though cause there is no humidity here and everyone is bitching about how hot it is... get over it. Come to the Midwest and you will know what hot is.) Anyways... we mad about 37 trips up and down the stairs carrying all his stuff. I was a trooper though.

We leave tomorrow on our journey. We will be driving across Washington, through Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, down Iowa, through Missouri, and then to our house. Matt is so excited to see our house and I'm excited for him to see it.

Now back to my story from the airport. I flew Southwest. And you know how you are assigned a number? I was B31. You line up according to number. 1-30 on one side and 31 through 60 on the other. Well I had to slam down a Bloody Mary before I got to on the plane but I could see my gate from the bar. So when the B's lined up I went over and got in line. All the other B's were pretty much in line so I stepped close to the pole on the 31-60 side. Then this twit with dark roots in her bleach blond hair that looked like she belonged a club rather than the airport starts talking crap to the old dude next to her. She said something to the effect of how she hated people butting in line. She kept talking crap and I'm not usually one to say anything (when I'm sober) but I turned around and asked her if she would like to go in front of me. She just looked at me and laughed and said no. I told her I was 31 and asked.what was her number. I could see it said 35. Obviously 31 comes before 35. She didn't say anything so I turned around and she proceeded to talk more crap. I just ignored her. Later she got up on the plane to go to the bathroom and I rolled my eyes at her. I hope her luggage got lost.

Oh maybe it is hot here. I just saw on the news its 103. I've been napping so I wouldn't know.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I work at the airport...more than likely her luggage got dumped somewhere...

Christina said...

I see your taking the I70 route - I took I80. For some reason Dad didn't want me driving through Kansas City. I drove 1/2 way around the world in Qatar and England and he never worried... but oooohhhh get close to the Midwest's Kansas City and he had a fit! ;-) The silly things I miss about that old fart.

So glad you guys will be on your way home. YAY!