Don't Jack Me Around

When we bought a house, I had to find one that either had a big garage or had room to build a big garage. Our house has a one car attached garage. We've been planning on building a two-car detached garage since we bought the house.

The garage building process was supposed to be finished by now. We were going to have a friend of my brother do the concrete work. (He owns a concrete business) Then get a bunch of people together to build from a kit we could buy. And then have my brother do the electrical work and my dad do the plumbing.

Well, concrete guy has been jacking us around all summer long. At first he said he would come do it at the end of June. I understand it rained pretty much the whole month of June. I talked to him around the beginning of July and he said he could be there in two weeks. Three weeks later I called him back and asked when he was coming. He then said he would be there that Friday to mark it off and remove the existing concrete slab. He never showed up or called. I tried calling him two or three times after that and he never returned my call.

So, I made Matt call him and fire him. We hired a company that will pour the concrete and then two weeks later come and build the garage in one day. It's going to cost us about 35% more to have them do it but we Matt is becoming impatient.

They are supposed to be coming Thursday to do the concrete. So that means by the end of the month we may have an actual garage. Like one I can send Matt to when he gets on my nerves. One that can become his play area. One that all his toys that are in my garage can go to. One that.... oh the possibilities.

Matt wants a urinal (and a toilet) in this garage. Gross. How would you feel about a urinal if there is a chance you would have to clean it? And why do guys like urinals so much? Or is it just Matt?

All the extras of the garage are going to wait until the spring since we'll be spending way more than we planned on. Until then it's going to be a garage with a couple light bulbs.

I'll take some before and after pictures.


Frugalista said...

Urinal...gross!! Sometimes it's just easier to pay someone to do the work. We are kinda in the same boat with our backyard right now.

annoyed army wife said...

Garages are so important for OccDoc. I couldn't care less and my car is always outside (because it's easier). He's never asked for a urinal in the garage, but I'm sure he's probably just peed outside rather than walking 50 feet to go inside.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

How AGGRAVATING!! I miss having a garage so bad.

shortmama said...

Glad you ended up hiring someone else, the other guy sounds pretty flaky!

Los said...

I don't care where I pee ... heck, if there's a sink in the garage, I could easily pee there.

Jessie said...

A urinal? In in Garage? I don't know about that. BUT... My Grandpa put in a toilet and shower in his, along with a utility tub/sink. I was surprised how great that was.. Keep the oil and the grease in the garage!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I would veto that urinal as fast as can be! Ek!