Guest Post: Dear Someone

Hello everyone. I'm probably sleeping in right now. So, Amanda (shortmama) from Family of Shorts is filling in for me today. She's super awesome and does "Dear Someone" letters every Thursday on her blog. From time to time, I join in on those. Stop by her blog and let her know how awesome she is.


Hiya everyone! This is shortmama from Family of Shorts filling in for Steph sucker!. Every Thursday on my blog I do Dear Someone letters, basically writing anything to anyone...happy, sad, funny, rude...whatever floats my boat that week! Feel free to stop by my blog sometime and join in! Here we go...

Dear Mother Nature,

Please take the estrogen that I got you for your menopause. The hot flashes are unbearable. The pills may also take care of that "dryness" problem youve been having. So please return to a normal body temperature and let some wetness come our way.

Your burning up over here friend, Amanda

Dear sleep,

Why must you be so cruel? So nonexistant? Please come back! Im going to bed at a normal time and getting up bright and early to get Rhiannon off to school, Im doing everything right! Now get yourself over here right now! Meet me in my bed at 10pm, got it?

Me so sleepy

Dear laundry,

Quit breeding while I attempt that whole sleeping thing. Maybe its you that is keeping me up at night...hmmmm.

Washing and drying and folding and hanging...blah

Dear my girlies,

Watching the two of you play freeze dance is hilarious. Rhiannon that rump shaking is a bit risqué but funny all the same. And Layla you are about 5 seconds behind on the whole freeze thing, but completely adorable. You exercise my belly with all the laughing I do...and Lord knows I could use all the belly exercise I can get.

Abs of steel...ok not even close

Dear Steph,

I hope you still had all the readers you had before you let me guest post. I tried not to scare anyone away..but well ya know I am kinda scary...all 5 feet of me.


Thats all for this week! Normally I would include a linky for all of you to write your letters and join in but since Im not on my blog I thought that might be confusing, so if you did letters just let us know in the comments so we can visit and read yours. And if you want to participate in Dear Someone letters next week just hope on over to my blog every Thursday! Peace.



Salt said...

Well now you have a NEW reader! Love your blog and always love Shortmama's Dear Someone letters.

This freeze dance thing sounds intriguing. I wonder if I can convince my friends to play with me.

Connie W said...

That freakin MENopause!

Love your letters!

Frugalista said...

I'll definitely try a letter to sleep next time it ditches me!!!

blueviolet said...

I can just visualize that freeze tag and how she's a little slow on the freeze part! :)

MiMi said...

My kids do the freeze dance too and it's HILARIOUS!!! Love shortmama!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Ha ha hilarious!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hot flashes you freaking crack me up ;)

UGH laundry it's like an alien child ...hehe

Mamarazzi said...

great letters Amanda!!

how fun to be asked to guest post. i need to do this on weeks i need a bloggy break instead of letting the cobwebs gather!

Vivienne said...

Oh Shortmama. You crack me up. Thanks for leading me over here. I'm going to poke around a little bit.
(I love how Steph says that her heart was deployed for 15 months in her profile notes. )

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I always love your letters. I'll be trying to sleep tonight (at 10pm, I hope) but giggling over the freeze dance.

WhisperingWriter said...

My laundry breeds too. It sucks.