Our Christmas story

The parties began on the 19th. My dad turned 50 on the 20th and my parents had a party at their house. We all had a great time, especially my dad. He drinks old mil beer (gag) and received 5 or 6 30 packs and a couple 18 packs. That should keep him stocked up for awhile.

Dad's Old Mil cake

Opening his presents

My husband and seester at Dad's party

Christmas Eve we went to Matt's parents house and ate dinner and exchanged gifts. We both got gift cards to our favorite stores. We got Matt's mom a digital camera as she has been toting around a disposable camera since I have known her.

Christmas day we went to my parent's house and opened gifts there. I got a pink snuggie, some decorative serving plates, a pink can opener, and a crap load of gift cards.

Ozzy got a snuggie from his grandma. Here he is pretending he is shy.

And a new toy and collar from his mommy and daddy.

We left my mom's and went to Matt's dad's side of the family Christmas. Matt wanted to see his grandpa. We got there finally (flooded roads everywhere) and found out one of Matt's uncle had taken grandpa somewhere else. Grandpa showed up about the time we were planning on leaving. I told Matt to go out there Monday and visit with his grandpa and he was ok with that. (That's what I told him to do in the first place, because I knew there would be a crap load of people there but do you think he listened the first time around?)

We left there and went to my dad's side of the family's drunkfest. Once again the P. Christmas did not disappoint. The early afternoon is filled with eating and beer drinking. The afternoon brings on an intense bingo game. Uncle Wealthy's wife buys all kinds of prizes for bingo winners. I'm talking at least a hundred prizes. This year they were wrapped. My dad picked some polka dotted lingerie. I won some socks and boxers.

Us during drunken bingo

After bingo everyone tends to be feeling pretty good and the karaoke begins. Myself and all my cousins that were there sang "Family Tradition." It was hilarious. By the time I was singing karaoke, I knew it was time to go. A couple of the older cousins, along with Matt and I and my seester went to the bar. It was a long night.

Saturday, I was hungover as hell didn't feel too good but the parties continued. We went to my mom's side of the family. It was a good time. They are all nuts so it can be very entertaining.

Sunday, we went to Matt's mom's side of the family's party. By this point, I was just about partied out. The food was once again awesome. We played some cards there and got a beautiful ornament.

Sunday evening Matt, Ozzy, and I all layed around on the couch, Ozzy and I in our snuggies.

Thursday night Matt and I are having a New Year's Eve party. Nothing too fancy. I am making cheese dip, beer cheese soup, and meatballs. I ordered a special bottle of booze that should be in tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great time during Christmas!


Christina said...

Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy Christmas! That's a lot of parties... and a lot of beer! ;)

BTW, what's beer cheese soup?

shortmama said...

Wow sounds like one heck of a party week!!

Katie said...

hahaha love the dog snuggie, I dont think I could get my parents dogs to wear one

MrsB said...

hahah totally hate the holiday hangovers. but they're inevitable.

lola said...

That cake is totally awesome! Also, I am totally addicted to the following things that you mentioned: bingo, cheese dip and beer cheese soup. :D

Los said...

I used to drink Milwaukee's Best in college ... never got a "Beast" cake, though.

Sounds like you had a great time ... intense bingo?

Random Musings Of My Life said...

lol love this post!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday week!!! I hope your New Years party is a success!

Nozzledamus said...

wow old milwaukee beer

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

How fun! I am always a little jealous of big families that do parties- my fam is so small and when you factor in the number of people that actually had to work on Christmas we had a pretty quiet day.

Bridget said...

I love the cake. My Dad drinks Old Mill Heavy (or the red can) and I agree yuck! Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas.