Not complaining too much, just sharing

We usually keep it fairly cool in our house. The thermostat is usually set at around 63 while we are home and 60 while we are at work. I don't mind it. If I'm doing stuff I don't notice and if I'm at my base of operations (couch) I just use a cover.

Yesterday when we got home from work it was 57 degrees in our house. The thermostat was set on 62. Matt turned it to off and then back to heat. It kicked on for about 2 minutes but never blew hot air.

So I called my daddy. You see, my daddy can fix pretty much anything. (Except for furnaces) He's a jack of all trades. He came over and used his wire tester and drank a beer while he and my husband stared at the furnace scratching their butts. (I was at school but, I'm pretty sure that's how it went down.)

Needless to say, they didn't get it fixed. I don't mind the cold when I'm sleeping but, when I was getting ready this morning, it was 55 in our house. The toilet seat was rather chilly. I called someone to come and look at it this afternoon so hopefully it gets fixed today.


Last night while I was at school, I received an email that the order I had placed for my brother's present was canceled. No explanation. Just canceled. I found something similar to it and ordered that.


This morning I get to work and I received an email that another gift I ordered was canceled. Out of stock. I found a place that has the same thing and I called to make sure they definitely had it in stock. They did so I ordered it from them.

I placed these two orders over a week ago. Uggghhh Why are they just now deciding to tell me?


I can't spell definitely. Every time I type it I spell it like this - definately. I noticed this a couple weeks ago. Maybe I'll stop using that word and use absolutely, I can spell that right every time.


shortmama said...

I had the same thing happen with a gift I ordered for my nephew!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Don't you hate that! I hate when I order something, they place the order THEN you get the notice it's out of stock! Ugh!

Christina said...

I hope you have heat by now! Just when you're up to your eye balls in holiday gift expenses, something breaks and you're stuck with a bill... geesh!

What's up w/ the 2 orders? I'm a little stressed and seem to be pretty good at yelling at customer service personnel... can I call someone for you? Please! ;)

I have to mentally sound out definitely every time I type it, too! Same with congratulations!

Los said...

I used to have that problem with the word "definitely" as well ... I quickly "learned," because I had to ... being in public relations for a bunch of years.

Katie said...

I can't spell definitely either so I always say def. haha

That is so lame about the order cancellations!

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

that is annoying. i had a company cancel an order but still try to bill me before, we argued for a hot minute, but things got cleared up.

i think we all have a problem with that word. I think I have been mispelling it quite alot! Better make sure I check my spelling better.

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

you made my best of list.