Drill Weekend

Matt's at his second drill this weekend. He's only texted me a couple times this morning so maybe they are keeping him busy and he will enjoy it more. I slept in until 9 this morning which is quite an accomplishment for me these days.

Tomorrow is the Christmas dinner formal for Matt's new unit. He drills 2 hours away. Tomorrow morning I'm getting my hair done at 7:30 A.M. and then driving up there. I'm supposed to be there by 11. I guess I'm a little excited. This will technically be my big debut as an Army Wife. I never did the Army ball or anything like that (distance was an issue).

I'm hoping that I will fit in better than at his work Christmas party. It's hard to explain but I feel at the Army party at least most everyone will have respect for each other and what they have been through. I have a issue with people not respecting my husband, us, and what we have been through. He doesn't. Just me. It's not like I think we are better than anyone or anything like that. I just think some people have no respect for our soldiers or their family.

Today I need have to write my paper for my Comp final. We read "The Birthmark" and have to write about man's quest for perfection. We have several topics we could relate it to and I chose cosmetic surgery. I've wrote the first paragraph, which for me is always the hardest. And now I'm finding myself blogging. Any comments?

I also need to go to Wal-Mart today to get some fleece fabric. I'm making a fleece blanket for Matt's battle buddy. They were roommates in Iraq and we both wanted to send him a gift for Christmas. He is from Oregon so I need to get it in the mail before too long.

I'm also hoping to have the house spotless for when Matt comes home.

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Katie said...

sounds like you have a lot on your list of things to do! Good luck! And have fun at the formal!