Neighborhood drama

Let me start out by saying, we love our house. We both worked very hard for the house, everything in it, and everything in the driveway. Our house is cute and it feels like home.

We live in a small town. A very small town. 2000 people small. Our neighbors next door are really sweet old people. She has brought us delicious pies and zucchini bread that we didn't really care for but that's besides the point. They wave at us and are generally good neighbors.

We don't really know too many of the other neighbors. The guy behind us mows his yard about every other day and waves at us. The guy to the east of us is young and single and is not home a lot but he waves when we see him.

The problem lies with the neighbors across the street. The word in town is that the dad got a DUI on his lawnmower or moped. I've heard both stories. I've also heard from several people that the guy has done time in jail for drugs. A little pot I believe. I know good people that smoke pot. I'm not one to judge about that sort of thing. The thing is they have people constantly coming and going from there house. The are constantly leaving there house. Still we don't really care what goes on there, as far as that goes. We just kind of joke about it. "There goes the neighbors again." "Got another customer."

The thing that is an issue is their kids. I think its a mine, yours, and ours kid deal. I know they have one together and there are others that are there sometimes too. All boys. The real problem is that they shoot at stuff with their beebee gun in the front yard, toward our house.

Now when we bought the house, Matt was still in the Army and at Ft. Lewis and I had to deal with the home inspection and all that good stuff. When I had the house inspected, one window was cracked. The homeowners fixed it as part of the deal. We closed on the house sometime in June and didn't move in until the beginning of August. By the time we moved in, there was a beebee hole in the front picture window. I meant to get it fixed but I never got around to it. Over the winter, the crack grew to half the size of the window. It has to be fixed now.

Last night, Matt's truck was parked out front. He normally parks in the back. When he got out of the truck he heard a bebe bounce off the tree. (How the heck you spell rickashay?) The kid shooting the gun is not the one that normally is. This one is older. The parents of course weren't home. Matt watches him shoot toward our house for about five minutes. The kids was like 13. I think if we would have talked to him rather than the parents, it would have only made matters worse. Matt called the cops. If it were up to me, I wouldn't have called them but he was mad and there was no reasoning at that point.

The cop shows up and is literally there 30 seconds. The kid walks up to the cop car with the gun. He must have told the kid to put the guy away. After that we did not see him.

I'm thinking the next time I see the parents, I'm going to have a talk with them. Tell them, "Hey we aren't stupid. We know what goes on over here and we don't care. But if we have any more broken windows our dings in our vehicles, we will have a problem." I also thought about sticking the bill for the new window in there mailbox.

You guys and gals are all smart, what do you think I should do?


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think the next time you see the parents I would totally mention it. I don't know how hostile I would make the conversation because they may not have known that their kids we're shooting at your house.

If they did know...well that's another story. I'd send them the bill and call the cops again if it happens anymore.

Steph said...

They totally know their kids shoot the gun in the front yard. Sometimes they are outside with them but most of the times they are not.

Frugalista said...

That sucks to be in that situation. I have had a bebe shoot out my very expensive side rear window when I had my SUV. It was random and not something I expect to have to worry about all the time. Yes, you are going to have to mention it. Very nicely. Just say can the kids not use their BB guns in the front yard. As far as sending the bill-I have a feeling you will just have to suck it up. I'm just not sure it would go over well and it's not good to piss them off even if they are liable. Hopefully they can be reasonable. Good luck!!

Katie said...

I'm a chicken. So naturally I would say just keep calling the cops, and intimidate them that way. Plus it might crack down a bit on the other "activities" they have going on at the house.

I would just be worries about retaliation if you go confront them...

Shayla said...

Oh my gosh!

honestly you need pictures and paperwork. Pictures of the beebee holes, recipts of window payments, even a video or two of the kid shooting at your house. Next time call the cops and have them come to your house and give you a form saying they had to warn the neighbors about what the kid was doing (without that there is no proof that a cop was ever there).

If you see the parents let them know your concerns (or just write them a letter) --of course DOCUMENT everything said and when, where, who, etc

If they break anything worth 20 dollars or more, shoot beebee's past 9pm or cause you to get introuble with insurance etc you will quickly win a civil suit in court.

that stinks that you have to deal with that!

Good Luck!!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Ricocheted :)

You are a saint. I'd have lost my mind long before then. I also would have called the cops. I think you most definitely need to talk to those neighbors.

shortmama said...

Your hubs is far nicer than mine...he would have shot back with the BB gun