Thanksgiving with my love

Let me just start out by saying, I had a magnificent vacation. I left work early on Wednesday and ended up being escorted to the airport by both my parents. They didn't bicker and argue too much on the way there so that was nice. Got out of the car and said my good-byes. As I was walking off my dad yells to me and says to make sure I hold on to my purse because their are probably a lot of weirdos around. (Nice, dad) I figured the airport would be extremely busy since it was the day before Thanksgiving but it wasn't. I found my gate quickly and then also located the nearest smoking lounge. Anywho, my flight left and arrived to Seattle on time at 11:30ish west coast time. My super handsome husband was waiting for me by the baggage claim when I arrived and let me tell you, seeing him, hugging and kissing him seems to make all the waiting worthwhile. He tells me he has a surprise for me at the hotel. We get to the hotel and he had got me a set thingy with an army wife hat, t-shirt, key chain and pin. He also got me one of those magnetic car flag thingers that says proud army wife. All pink too. I loved it.

Thanksgiving day we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. We made a pretty descent Thanksgiving dinner considering we were in a hotel with only a microwave and refrigerator. We got a pre-cooked turkey and it was actually pretty good. We also had mashed taters, green been casserole, some broccoli rice stuff and rolls.

Friday we shopped. We went to Old Navy first and I got some killer deals. (Can't say exactly what). We also went to the Best Buy, which was a mad house, and got a few things. We also went to the mall, which as also a mad house. We didn't get much at the mall.

Since Matt was such a good boy while we were shopping, Saturday we went to the local watering hole and watched some football game. Well, Matt and his buddies watched. I mostly talked and drank. After the game was over we went to a different watering hole. I was drunk. Matt's buddies are all nice guys, they called me Mrs. Ruholl. One of his buddies asked me to help pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend the next day, sweet we are going to Zales.

So Sunday, Mr. Ruholl was not feeling very well. He took naps most of the day. I went shopping with his buddies and helped pick out the ring for him. Zales was having an awesome sale and he ended up getting a ring that was originally $2100 for a little over a grand. It came as a set so he liked that he wouldn't have to go ring shopping later for a wedding band. Matt and I went and ate at Applebees that night. I had salmon and it was amazing.

Monday Matt had to go to the post to do pt and then wait around for formation. When he came back, we packed my stuff up and headed to the airport. I always get a sick feeling in my stomach when we are on our way to the airport. Only 3 weeks though and we will be together again.

I couldn't think of any better way to spend thanksgiving than with the man I love.

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