Something I found

Matt and I decided to put some of our stuff into storage until he is done with the army and we get our own place. For the last couple weeks, whenever I get a night off (which has been 3 nights) I have been going through my boxes of junk and throwing stuff away. I literally have enough decorations to fill three houses. Some of it I know I will never use again so I have been throwing it away.

I was going through my cedar chest on Tuesday night and found all sorts of things I have not seen in forever. I found a photo album with lots of OLD pictures from high school. Some were with Dawn. I remembered then what a great friend she always was to me and how I enjoyed the times we spent together.

The best thing I came across was a paper I wrote about 9 years ago when I went to school at Carbondale. The assignment was to write about someone who had made a significant impact in your life. I chose to write about a friend of mine who had passed away a few months earlier, Matt Mader. I remembered awhile back that I had wrote this and even looked for it but I didn't find it until Tuesday night. I read it and re-read it and had tears in my eyes. I have never forgot about Mader and I have never forgotten how much it hurt when he died. I had, however, forgotten some of the specifics of his characteristics and ability to always make his friends feel good.

I will never misplace this paper again. It seemed like it was wrote so eloquently. Now I can barely even spell eloquently without spell check. I remember spending a lot of time on this paper and being very satisfied with the end result.

My class next semester is Comp I and I am hoping that I will be able to write like I used to be able to. I think maybe it is more about finding something that I am passionate to write about rather than just writing about things that don't mean anything to me.

I love you Mader!!! I always have and I always will!!!

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