Eat at Sonic!!!

Tuesday I got a letter in the mail for Matt. It was from Edward Jones. It said something along the lines of voting for the Board of Trustees for the stock he owns. ??? This is news to me. (Although they wanted him to vote, they listed the people they recommend he vote for.) Anywho, I deleted our texting conversation but this is basically how it went:

Me: Do you have stock at Edward Jones?
Matt: Hell I don't know. Why?
Me: You got a letter saying they want you to vote for something.
Matt: Oh... Might be sonic stock.
Me: Sonic, like the restaurant?
Matt: Yeah the restaurant.
Me: Why the hell do you have stock in sonic?
Matt: My grandma bought it for me because they buy our milk.
(Matt's grandpa and uncles own a dairy farm)
(This is starting to make more sense to me now)
Me: Oh
Matt: How much is that shit worth?
Me: It doesn't say you will have to call them.
Matt: Can't you do it.
Me: Nope but if we are millionaires I'm calling into work tonight.
Matt: OK

So Matt calls them later on and finds out his Sonic stock is worth $1200. SWEEEETTT!!!

So please eat at Sonic, at least till we pull out the stock. HAHA!!!

Who would have thought?


Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

You and Matt will be happy to hear that Calvin and I frequently visit Sonic in Mattoon after school at LLC for slushes. They have AWESOME real fruit slushes. And between 2 and 4 they are 1/2 price! SWEET!

Consider my loyal dedication to Sonic as an early Christmas present to the newly married couple! ;-)

Dawn said...

That's great! I will forever think of you guys when I eat there.