Vacation Recap and whatnot

I owe you all a vacation recap. Ya'll know I'm not much of a weekend blogger and things have been crazy for us.

Our vacation started on August 24th at 4:00 p.m. One of our friends that Matt was stationed with at Ft. Lewis started his terminal leave a few days before and drove from the Seattle area to the middle of nowhere Illinois to spend a week with us. Matt left work a little early and when I got home, our friend "B" was there. It was great to see him. Tuesday evening we went to the VFW and drank a few there.

Matt and B when they were in WA.

Wednesday Matt and B went and did boy stuff during the day and I stayed home and did homework. :( Let me backtrack a bit, school started for us this same week so we both had to keep up with our school work while trying to party like rock stars be on vacation. Wednesday evening, Matt had school so me and B took a nap on the couch. Um that sounds weird. On separate couches of course.

Thursday evening we partied like rock stars went to the local watering hole and had a few drinks. And then partied like rock stars relaxed on the deck until the wee hours of the morning.

Friday morning I didn't feel so well. We left around noon to go to Southern Missouri. We went there to visit the family of a friend of Matt and B's that died in Iraq. His name was Rickey. We went there around the end of June too and I wrote about that here.

Friday evening we went out to eat with Rickey's family and went to a very nice Chinese restaurant. The Chinese places around here are shit compared to this place. It was seriously so good and I wasn't afraid that I was eating cat. After we went out to eat we went back to their house and talked and told stories.

We stayed at Rickey's sister's house. Their family was not going to let us get a hotel and told us she had plenty of room for us. It's still hard for me to believe how nice of people they are.

Saturday we went over to his parent's house and had breakfast. His mom made chocolate gravy for breakfast. I had never had it or even heard of it. It was good but I couldn't eat that much of it. It's basically like a runny chocolate pudding that you dip a biscuit in. (So much for my diet).

After breakfast we went 4 wheeler riding with Rickey's dad and sister. It hadn't rained there in like 60 some days so it was extremely dusty but we had a great time. Matt and I rode Rickey's 4 wheeler which was nice. (His parents refuse to sell any of his toys.) Oh and we saw some cotton fields, which I thought was neat.

After the 4 wheeler ride we looked like a bunch of dirt kids and had to go take a shower. Then we went back to Rickey's parents house and they had a party and invited all their family over. They are all such great people and have the biggest hearts ever. His dad made like 70 pounds of chicken wings. They had the best coleslaw I've ever had and a spaghetti salad. I ate way too much.

We did a little drinking at the family function as did some of Rickey's cousins. Before we headed back to his sisters, his mom had some late night munchies with us and we talked and cried and laughed.

It was hard to say good-bye again Sunday morning. Rickey's parents both told us again that they were so glad that we came to visit and that it meant the world to them.

Sunday evening when we got home, we loaded up the camper and the dogs and went camping. We camped Sunday and Monday night in a small campground close to our house. The boys loved it. Matt had school Monday evening and I had school Tuesday morning.

Tuesday I did 6 loads of laundry. Wednesday we came back to work and B continued on his "roadtrip across the country".

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I suck at taking pictures.

All in all, vacation was great!


annoyed army wife said...

Sounds you (and your liver) had fun!

MiMi said...

Sounds like you had fun!!!
He drove from Seattle all the way to Illinois??? Dang. That's a long trip.
And now I want some Chinese food.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

So fun!!!

shortmama said...

Sounds like a great time ya rockstar!

Los said...

The worst part of vacations are that they have to end ... plus, sometimes we need an extra day or two to relax from vacation, right?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time!