Office Etiquette 101

About a month or so ago, I was reading an assigned chapter in my Intro to Business book. Off to the side was a little blurb on office etiquette. I've been meaning to elaborate on this for some time now.

1. Respect others privacy - This is pretty self-explanatory. Don't be nosy.

2. Check your drama at the door - This kinda goes along with #1. If you are not asked about your drama, don't tell your drama. Unless you hang out with the people you work with outside of work, keep it to yourself. Better yet, discuss it outside of work.

3. Don't clip your fingernails at work - Quite simply it could drive someone nuts (most likely me).

4. Turn your cell phone on vibrate - It may drive me nuts disturb others if your phone is beeping every two minutes because you have a text. Or if you phone is playing some 80's sitcom theme song every time it rings. Most people who work in office's have phones at their desk.... use them.

5. Brush your teeth - or back the hell up when you talk to people.

6. Do not gossip - unless you know the person you are gossiping about will not find out. Pay attention to the people who know all the gossip, they are probably not the one you want to tell anything you wouldn't want everyone knowing to.

7. Keep you music at a reasonable level - especially if it sucks.

8. If you have to #2 do it in the bathroom closest to your office - Don't go to the back of the office to do it by others (mine). Turn the vent on when you are done. But first and foremost, do that shit at home. No pun intended.

9. Talk at a level to where not everyone in the office can hear you - This means business and personal calls.

10. If you drink the last of the coffee make more - Shouldn't be that hard to do. If you drink coffee at work, you might have to make a pot every once in awhile.

11. If you are talking to someone and they get a phone call go away - Don't stand and wait for them to finish. Also, don't try to talk to anyone while they are on the phone, be it hand gestures or lip reading.

12. When possible, email. - This is will leave no room for breaking #11. Oh and do not send forwards to people at work. It could annoy them if they are working on something and see they have an email and then check it only to find out it is some stupid forward.

13. If you jam up the copier fix it - or find someone who can.

Feel free to leave any more rules you can think of.

Happy Friday!


Katie said...

I want to print this and put it at work! hahaha

Nuke Girl said...

Most of these rules are broken every single day without shame in the military, which I'm sure you know being a milspouse. :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I'm cracking up right now! I have only been a stay-at-home mom for a couple years now, this brings back memories :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I HATE when people leave their phone on and I can hear the beeping non stop.

Los said...

Love the coffee pot one ... we have some really rude people in our office who do NOT refill the coffee pot once it is empty. It's ridiculous.