School, leaves, and dresses

Last night I took a quiz online for my sociology class. I answered all the questions and I know I got them all right because I can use my book. But being the spaz I am, I forgot to hit save before I submitted my answers. So I got a 0 out of 10. I emailed my teacher and told her what happened but I have yet to hear from her. I guess worse comes to worse, I won't have a 100% in the class anymore.

Today I attempted to work on my 8-12 page research paper. I guess I had writers block or something. If I could just write it without have to cite everything I write, I would be done three times by now. I have such a big stack of crap I have read about my topic and when I go to look where I found what I am writing it takes forever. I have about 3 pages done.

Matt dealt with all the leaves that were over taking the yard today while I worked on my paper. He bought himself a leaf blower this morning. He says it blows 150 miles an hour. I'll take his word for it.

Tomorrow my seester and I are going to try to find me a dress for this Army dinner thing. Its not like the Army ball so I'm thinking I can probably wear a short dress. See the thing is, its almost winter and in a month it pretty much will be winter. I want a dress that I can wear and not freeze my ass tail off. I have seen a few shorter dresses with some sleeve action going on.

I think I may get one of those sweater dress deals also. I have a few dress type deals that I wear in the summer with tights under so maybe I could wear a sweater one to Christmas. I dunno.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


shortmama said...

Oh no I hope that the teacher can do something to fix the test!!

Los said...

I forgot to hit "Submit" with my fantasy football team one week - and lost the game because I didn't have my updated line-up in ... I can relate ... sort of!

lola said...

Oooh, I am SUCH a fan of sweaterdresses! :) Especially with tights!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

i gave into the sweater dress this week! Hope you find a cute one!!!

(army)Wife said...

Good luck finding a dress!

I remember having to cite (practically) every single work for a paper. One of the things I would do to make things a bit easier is I would mark the sentence or paragraph (underline or bold or whatever) that I knew I had gotten from a source. After I finished writing the entire paper I would go back through the paper and find the marked areas and find their sources. Still takes times, but at least you don't lose your train of thought when you write.

Katie said...

good luck finding a dress! I can't wait to see what you get!

And we could use a leaf blower around here, they just keep piling up everywhere!