Our weekend

Matt was gone this weekend doing his drill for the Reserves. His unit consists of 12 or 13 people right now and they can't even drill where they are supposed to because they don't have any equipment. I mean nothing. No Humvees. No helicopters. (My husband re-fuels helicopters.) No helmets. Nothing.

He got to fill out paperwork this weekend. And he got a flu shot. He already sounds like crap so I'm sure he will get sick. (I'm kinda anti-flu shot.) In December, he has some kind of Christmas party on the Sunday of his drill. He told them that I would go. Which is fine, I will go. I never got to do any of the go-to-formal-functions-while-your-husband-wears-his-class-A's things.

Problem is: I don't wear dresses. The last time I wore a dress was our wedding and before that was probably my high school graduation. I'm too short for long dresses and my legs are too chubby for short dresses. Do I care... NO. I just don't wear dresses. What's a chubby legged girl to do?

Anyway... I was all by my lonesome self this weekend. I wrote a 4 page paper, which is pretty good. I started my other paper. I studied for my test tomorrow. I cleaned our house, floors and all. I became addicted to Farmville. I napped on the couch with Ozzy, both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I went shopping. I applied for scholarships. I caught up on my DVR. It was nice.

Happy Monday!


lola said...

Sounds like a nice little weekend minus the paper!

As for the dress, I have some short friends (and I'm not so tall myself at 5'4") and they've looked good in long dresses. I mean, yes, you have to pay a bit to get them hemmed, but I think you could do it! :)

Jessica said...

You can definitely pull of the long dress. I'm borderline midget so if I can.. anyone can. It's not too much to get hemmed most of the time.

Katie said...

you can do it! Good luck with the dress!

Los said...

Sometimes it's nice to have a weekend like that ... a chance to catch up on things ... I need one of those weekends (or weeks!).

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

you can pull off a dress! go for a long one, that is slender not too frufru. and of course an updo. you will look fab...also go for high heels.

stilletos are sexy.

sounds like you did what most of us do when our hubbys are away...clean and get stuff done. and i am dissapointed that you didn't go by the redneck bar and toot the horn, lol ;)

shortmama said...

I am with ya on the dress thing...I dont do anything but jeans all year round! and for me being formal is dress pants.

Christina said...

2 papers in 1 weekend - AND a nap?!? Wow! Come to my house... get my house cleaned, homework done, and I'll do the napping! j/k! ;-)

Christina said...

There are some terrific seamstresses in Effy that would get a dress hemmed in less than 2 weeks. :-)
I love getting dressed up... and shopping for dress up clothes... don't forget the SHOES!

P.S. You don't have chubby legs!