Invite Only!

Short version babe short version.... That's what Matt always tells me when I'm trying to tell a story.

Last weekend we were supposed to go to Matt's mom's side of the family Thanksgiving. Well, you see, Matt didn't feel too well because he played too hard the night before. He said he didn't want to go and I didn't argue. His parents weren't going to be there anyway because his mom was marching in some abortion march or something. Who knows. We skipped out.

This Saturday was his dad's side of the family Thanksgiving. We never go to that side of the family anything. Not sure why we just don't.

Well his mom called his phone Saturday and he didn't answer. He didn't even listen to the voicemail till she called both of our phones on Sunday. They wanted us to come over to their house about the time we got the message to eat lunch.

We were in the process of getting my washer and dryer from my mom and dad's. We had plans to have my parents come over and hook them up. Then later, my brother and sister and Matt's buddy from the army that lives about a half an hour away were all coming over. I planned on making homemade pizza and we were going to watch football.

On our way back to our house, washer and dryer in tow, I told him he needed to call his mom. He called and talked to his dad and his dad asked if we were going to be home that afternoon/evening. Matt told them we would. They said they would come over about 3.

I was a little irritated because we already had plans to do the pizza/football thing. They came over and were there about 2 or 3 hours. His dad got a phone call from someone wanting to go hunting with him and his mom told him that they were going to go to a restaurant in town and get some pasta and eat it at our house. Like I'm unable to cook.

This is when I piped up. I told her that we already had plans to have people come over for supper. She got all pissy and said told Matt's dad that they weren't allowed to stay. She put her shoes on right away and then sat and pouted (Matt's word not mine) for another half an hour.

At some point, she asked Matt what he wanted for Christmas. He said he didn't know. So when they left she snatched up her pie she brought over and said, "Well let us know when we can stay longer."

Excuse me, I'll let you know when we don't have plans and you are invited over.

She also said that they probably wouldn't have Christmas since Matt doesn't know what he wants.

This may all seem like I'm a royal bitch but the situation is hard to explain. I don't normally write about how nuts she is or how much she drives me crazy or how if we let her she would try to run our lives for us.

After they left my stomach was in knots because I know she thinks that I'm the reason Matt doesn't want to talk to her. Which, by the way, is her own fault and I'm not going to go there.

I try hard to be nice to her. I really do. But damn it. Sometimes enough is enough and I have to stand up to her.


Los said...

My best friend doesn't talk to his dad anymore ... I know it grates on him. I've told him that I think it would be healthy to at least communicate ... sometimes ships sail, though, I guess.

shortmama said...

I can totally relate to this...I could have another blog just dedicated to my mother in law...I dont write about her on mine because she reads it sometimes

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Ouch. Makes me feel fortunate that my in-laws don't speak English.

As for that first line (keep it short), my husband likes to tell me to be "economical with your words." Hmph!

Katie said...

WOW. how rude! Get over yourself lady!

Christina said...

What a drama queen! I can't imagine a m-i-l like that!

BTW, aren't you supposed to be stress free right now? All this drama won't help.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! I'm sorry but she just sounds really rude. Who would make a pie and then take it back with them because they didn't get what they want. I'm sorry she isn't being too great of an in law!