Weekend = Busy + Hot

Friday it was ridiculously hot. After work I went grocery shopping and whatnot. Matt mowed the yard. There was a high school state finals rodeo across the street from our house at the fairgrounds. We planned on going to the rodeo all week, just because it's just across the street and it's something to do and Matt really wanted a corndog. It started at 7. We sat in the house for awhile and finally worked up the courage/stupidity to go.

So we went to the rodeo, and had to do nothing more than sit to work up a sweat. The rodeo sucked. It took place Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening. Each time they did EVERY event. We were there for two hours and saw more roping events than I care to mention, some steer wrestling, and some pole-bending. Each event had at least 20 people in it, so it took forever. We did see the rodeo clown have a bunch of kids take one shoe off, go to the other end of the arena, roll around in the dirt, and then go find their show. That was probably the best part. Oh and Matt got his corndog.

Which brings me to something I want your opinion on. I love animals. I'm not involved with an activist groups or anything like that, although I don't have a problem with anyone that is. I do eat meat. But, I just think it's cruel to rope baby calves, twist a steers neck until it falls over, and to throw a goat to the ground that is tied up and can't even run. What a shitty life it must be to be a goat that gets thrown around in rodeos every weekend. What do you think?

After, I was traumatized we left the rodeo, we had a few friends over to drink some beer in the yard. Then it started raining and we moved to the garage. It was a great time!

Saturday we took care of the pool. We got three tractor scoops of dirt and one of sand, leveled the ground out, and put the pool back up. We did all of this by 3. It was hot. Real hot. And it was muddy from the night before. Whatever, it's done now and it's level. Then Saturday evening, we went to mom and dad's for dinner for my birthday and Father's Day.

Yesterday, I worked at the VFW from noon to six. Matt and I went in early to clean the floors in the bar. I told the boss about two weeks ago we were going to do this. We got there at like 11. Matt left and took the mats behind the bar to the carwash. I was sweeping the floor when I heard someone yelling in the back room but I couldn't hear what they were saying. By the time I got there, I heard them yell, "Anyone here." I walked around the corner and it was the biggest cop I've seen in my life. He was all, "What are you doing here." And I was like, "Sweeping the floor." I told him that we opened in 15 minutes (at this point). He said, "Come outside with me." (all dickhead like). I went outside with him and across the parking lot was the manager. The cop asked her if she knew me and she said yes (thank god).

Apparently, someone idiot tried breaking in there last week. When she got there to count the money and whatnot, she noticed both doors were unlocked and she freaked out. She thought my car was just some drunk's car from the night before. Since I haven't worked there that long, she didn't know my car. She knows it now and she knows Matt's truck. So, hopefully I won't be getting the cops called on me there anymore.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that the rodeo sucked! I would have been pretty irritable though since it seemed so hot out. At least you got the pool up and had a great time with friends!

In answer to your question, yes. It is cruel to tie up animals and torture them for no reason. It bothers me when I think about it.

Glad you had a great weekend!

Katie said...

omg I would have crapped my pants when I saw the cop!

Frugalista said...

That is very sad about those rodeo animals. I eat meat and I do wonder myself if I am contradicting myself by saying one thing is ok and not the other. Who knows!

Los said...

Ugh! on your birthday weekend, no less!

I agree about the rodeo ... I don't think I could ever go to one ... not even for a corndog!

shortmama said...

Believe it or not the twisting of the steers neck does not hurt them at all...which is why they get right back up and go on their merry little way.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm sure the cop would have completely freaked me out. Yay for him getting his corndog!

A Marine's Wife! said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

WhisperingWriter said...

That stinks about the rodeo.

We have one here that's actually pretty good.

WhisperingWriter said...
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Random Musings Of My Life said...

Nice... people are so paranoid!

About the rodeo I am still on the fence I am not sure how I feel about it. We went to a rodeo once where a horse was hurt and they made a HUGE announcement about how well they are taken care of. Seeing how we were VIPS and in the Wrangler booth they explained how it all worked and it sounded pretty good... Who knows though..