Cardinals Game

We went to the Cardinals vs Brewers game on Friday night. We got to StL at 3:00. We were the 9th and 10th person in line at our gate. We stood in line for 2 hours.

But we got our two bobble heads.

We were winning 6 to 0.

Tony over-managed and went to our worthless bull pin too early.

We lost 6 to 13.

The Cardinals are seriously going to have to get it together when the playoffs start.

After we left the game, we were standing along the street above the metro next to 3 cops and metro worker. The road we were standing next to was blocked off on one end. People were driving down it and then realizing that it was blocked off on the other end. A couple people made U turns. Then this guy drives up in a Camry and realizes it was blocked off and proceeds to back down the street. We saw that there was a Mustang behind him and thought he would stop. I think the mustang even honked at him. Nope. Mr. Camry backed into him.

Since there were three cops standing right there I assumed they would go and take care of the situation right away. They all looked at each other and then scattered. One of them even said to us, "This is how the metro cops do it." And then he walked off too.

At this point, the street is blocked by these two cars and people are still driving down it and getting rather upset that they are stuck. People start driving through the barricades and down the crowed street. People are honking and yelling. We just stood and watch. The line for the metro was ridiculous so we weren't going anywhere anyway.

Finally a cop shows up and tells the drivers to give each other their information. Mr. Mustang was having problem with this. I don't know if dude didn't have a license or what his deal was. But the cop was yelling telling him that Mr. Camry admitted to hitting his car and that all he need to do was give him his information. Mr. Mustang finally did.

Now where we are from, if you back up into a car at 11 at night, the cops would have you walking the line and following the tip of their pen. This cop didn't even right a report. Not to mention that three cops saw this happen and took off. It all seemed very bizarre to us.

This all just reminded me how much I love living where life is far from crazy.


Katie said...

sweet bobble heads!!

Bridget said...

sounds like an interesting evening. Heres to hoping the cards pull it together for the playoffs.

(army)Wife said...

Hahaha! That must have been interesting to watch. Good to know the cops are on top of things.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

yay for getting bobble heads!