Who steals BBQ sauce?

My mom bought some stuff for Matt for Valentine's day. Their was some M & M's, fruit smiles, a card, and some other stuff. I got one of those boxes from the post office that has the adhesive already on it. It wasn't full so I had my mom pick up some Doug McCain's BBQ sauce. (Matt loves that stuff) I got him a few more snacks and I had recorded some stuff off TV on VHS's for him. I packed it all up and I specifically remember putting the BBQ sauce in there.

I took it to the post office Friday on my lunch break. He got the package Monday. I didn't ask too many questions until last night. He told me that him and his buddy had porkchops for supper. I asked him if he used his Doug McCain's. He asked what the hell I was talking about. I told him that there was some in the box. He looked all over and couldn't find it. We ended up arguing about it.

Today he told me that the box had been taped up before he got it. I never put tape on it. Now, who in the hell would steal my husbands BBQ sauce? Someone took it out of there. If I didn't pack it it would be rolling around on my bed. If it was because of some kinda security issue, why wouldn't someone tell me. It makes me wonder what I bought for him and sent to Iraq got stolen too. Seriously who the hell would steal BBQ sauce.

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Christina said...

ROTFLMAO! Someone stole Matt's Doug McCain's BBQ sauce!