Valentine's Day Weekend

I went to see Matt this weekend. I left Friday morning at 9. I got a sinus cold Thursday so most of the time I was there I was sick. Matt got me a Theraflu humidifier thingy and took excellent care of me. Since I was sick, we didn't do a whole lot. On Valentine's Day we went out to eat at Applebee's and then went out with some of his friends. Matt got me a princess cut journey necklace for Valentine's day and I love it. I tried taking a picture of it myself but it just didn't do it justice. This is a picture I found of it on the Zales website.

I think we are going to wait until Easter weekend for me to go visit again. Only 49 days until I can be with the man who stole my heart again. I love him so much and it is impossible for me to put into words how much I miss him while we are apart.


Christina said...

The necklace is BEAUTIFUL! WOW!

Dawn said...

I can't imagine your pain at the separation.

But the necklace, WOW. Gorj.