Aubri's broken tear ducts

Before we were released from the hospital, the nurses and doctor told us that if Aubri's eyes got gunky not to worry about it.  They said that lots of babies have tear ducts that haven't full open up when they are born.

At first, her eyes weren't bad.  Just the occasional eye bugger.  When she was about 6 weeks old, they seemed to get worse everyday.  And then they would be red and swollen from us always cleaning them.

I called the doctor and left a message.  A nurse called back and basically told me that there was nothing they could do.

About two weeks later I called again.  I was like, "Listen.  My baby is too pretty to have red, swollen, goopy eyes."  Again, they told me to deal with it.

Then she had an appointment to see the doctor almost 2 weeks ago.  When we got there I told the nurse that something had to be done.  Then before the doctor came in the room, I heard her mocking me and telling the doctor that something "had to be done." 

The doctor said her eyes looked worse than normal and gave us some ointment to put in them. He said it might not work but was worth a shot.  He was really nice about it and told her, "poor little thing" and stuff like that.  About half an hour after I used it the first time, her eyes looked better.

Tuesday, she had to have her shots.  She screamed like a maniac.  I cried.  But I told the nurse (different nurse) that the ointment fixed her eyes in half an hour.  I told her I didn't think I should have had to beg for something.  She was like, "blah blah, lots of babies have this problem."

In my opinion, nurses are hit or miss.  There are some really good ones.  And some really bad ones.  The nurses at the hospital were great.  Aubri's doctor is also my doctor and he is great.  But his nurses, need some help.

I know that I couldn't do it.   But good gawd, some people have the compassion of a rock and have no business doing nursing. 

I don't think me saying any more to anyone is going to do any good.  But I won't be telling either of the nurses to, "Have a good day" anytime soon.  That'll show them. 

We had family pictures done last weekend.  I don't have them all back yet but here is a picture of Aubri's non-gunky eyes.


Jill said...

Glad you were able to finally get something to help her out...her eyes look beautiful in that photo!

My little cousin had blocked tear ducts in one eye, and for months she had a runny, goopy, red eye. I'm not sure what they did to get it resolved, but her eyes are fine now...I always felt bad for the poor wee thing though!

Julie said...

A lot of nurses are jaded. It doesn't make it right, but they are. After seeing the "worst" they seem to loose all compassion. I always want to tell these nurses to find another job because they are just as miserable to work with. If you overhear them again, stand up for yourself. Tell them that you overheard them talking about you. Tell them if you could hear it, so could other patients and that violates privacy (key word: HIPAA) and is disrespectful. If you don't want to do that, speak with the doctor or manager of the staff. Behavior like that should not be tolerated.

MiMi said...

She's so beautiful.
And, you're right about the nurses!
Holy crap, I've had some BEYOND sweet nurses that I loved loved...and some bitchy ones that flat pissed me off.
Last time I had a bitchy nurse I let her have it. It was good times!

WhisperingWriter said...

I agree, I've had some great nurses. And some poopy ones.

Tommy had issues with his tear ducts too. He always seemed to have gunky eyes.

Megan said...

She is so pretty! And you are right she should not have to have gunky eyes!

I hate that you have had to deal with that, they are nurses, it is ther job, it is what they get paid for, and if they have that kind of attitude they should of never become nurses!

That irks me!

Furry Bottoms said...

I haven't heard about eye gunk problems in babies before! 14 nieces and nephews, and I never heard of it. That nurse needs a course in humanity. A mother always knows her own child! Grgrgrgrgrrr

Candice said...

Okay seriously I hate blogger so much. It never says that you update so I always have to wait for you to comment on something of mine so I can click your name to find your blog..WHAT THE HECK?! anyways, thank you so much for the congratulations..I'm so glad you stuck to your guns about Aubria's eyes. I agree with the whole nurses thing...while I was in the hospital with pre ecamplsia before they decided to induce me, I had some HORRIBLE nurses, and you took the words right out of Wil's mouth, he said nurses are definitely a "hit or miss" kind of thing...and he told me when i get done with school if he finds out I'm a mean nurse he's gonna kick my ass haha

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, she is too cute in that photo!! Hopefully her eyes will be ok!