From Baby Showers to Bedrest

Friday, the ladies at work had a baby shower for me at work. I got a lot of nice things there.

This past Saturday was my baby shower for family and friends.  My mom, sister, and brother's girlfriend hosted it.  I'm not usually a baby shower kinda gal.  Mine was cool.  There weren't a lot of stupid games.  Only one person touched my stomach.

Cake table
Cake and cupcakes
Our baby pictures.  This was kind of a last minute thing.
The loot
More loot.

Quilt my mom made for me.

I honestly couldn't believe the amount of stuff I got.  I got basically everything off the registry.  Matt and I both have large families and pretty much everyone either came to the shower, dropped off a gift, or sent one to our house.  We felt very lucky to receive everything that we did.

Matt and I had our pictures taken after the shower and I should have those back soon.

Sunday, my parents came over.  Mom and I put all the baby stuff together and away.  Matt and dad did projects.  I ordered all the other stuff that Button will need/want online.

Monday, I went back to work.  I noticed my feet were starting to swell really bad.  Mom told me to go home and put my feet up but instead I boxed up all my winter clothes and got out my summer clothes.  (Not that it even matters, I can't fit into any of it.)

Tuesday, my feet swelled up like footballs.  I called my doctor's office.  I knew my doctor was out on vacation (of course).  So I talked to the nurse.  She told me to have my blood pressure taken and call her back.  It was really high.  Like 130ish over 110ish.  I don't know how bad that is.  The nurse called the "backup" doctor and he said for me to get to the hospital to be monitored.

I had been texting Matt throughout the day to let him know what was going on.  He told me he could leave work at 1:30.  That's about the time I texted him and said "Get here NOW."  Looking back, maybe those weren't the best words to use when you are 8 + months pregnant.  

I went outside to wait for him.  I was on the phone with my mom when he came flying in the parking lot on two wheels.  I'm pretty sure he threw his truck in park while it was still moving.  He jumped out of the truck, grabbed all my shit, and said, "get your ass in the truck."  I had been crying on the phone.  My tears quickly went to laughs over how nuts he was.  He looked at me and said, "I told you to pack your bag.  We don't even have the car seat."  We hit the highway and he's cussing because there was a moped in front of us going about 5 miles an hour.  He was yelling something about, "She's having a baby, get the f%^*) out of the way."  At this point, I was laughing too hard to tell him to calm down.  Finally, I told him to chill out, I wasn't having the baby, and that we just had to go in to be monitored.  I still don't think he got it.

We got to the hospital without getting in a wreck, somehow. They got me checked in and into a room.  The first blood pressure reading was high again but the longer I chilled, the more it went down.  Little Button was fine. So, they sent me home and told me I was to stay on bedrest until I see my doctor.  He won't be back until Monday. 

I've done all my online shopping, homework, and programmed a stuffed dog I got at the baby shower.  Mom has been over the last two days doing housework.  I'm out of things to do while sitting on my ever-widening ass.

This morning Mom and I packed Button's bag for the hospital.  This made me realize even more so that I have no idea what I am doing.  I packed three sleepers and then stuck a dress in when Mom left the room.  I packed her three blankets.  I mean, how could I possibly know which one she will want to wear home or cover up with now.  I wanted to pack her dolly for her but I don't think that will be necessary.  I did ask the nurse at the hospital when I was there Tuesday what I would need.  She said they would have everything else.

That's about all I know right now.  I'll post the pictures we had taken as soon as I get them.

Hope you all have a great week!


MrsMommaBee said...

you're stocked up!!
ohmygosh im so excited for you! take things easy!

MiMi said...

I love that you got so much stuff! And the cool thing is you can use it again for any more babies you have! :)

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

My goodness you freaked your poor hubby out big time. At least when the big day comes he'll already sort of know what it feels like. What generous friends and family you have.

Megan said...

That story is both funny but not funny at the same time. I bet you about gave him a heart attack. I hope you don't go crazy on bedrest and nothing else goes wrong!

ROXY said...

You got a lot of gifts from your baby shower. =) My mom and sister bought me almost everything we needed and it was sent to me since they are so far away. I have a lot of family too but of course I'm far away from them so it's hard to get much from the rest of my family. But it's ok. I'm happy for the few things I did get. =)

WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, you got a ton of stuff. Awesome. And I like that cake.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Holy wow!!! You got a ton of great stuff! That's awesome. Ohh, I'm sorry that your BP was that high! Hopefully you won't have to be on bed rest for too long.

Poekitten said...

YAY for only 1 person touching your belly! I haven't had too many people touch mine yet since I'm no very big yet. But someone did touch it at church yesterday and even though they are my friend I was uncomfortable.

Glad you're doing ok...make sure you rest!

Date Girl said...

Look at that loot!! You, your hubby and Button are so lucky!! I am so excited for you guys.

Wow, that is a scary scene. I am all too familiar with the panicked texts and phone calls and the GET HERE NOW feeling. I'm glad you're ok (skimmed the next post) and that you're prepared for when she does arrive!