I'm a worried momma

What's up with this new posting view dealy?  I hope I'm computer savvy enough to figure it out.

This morning Ozzy had to go to the vet to get his teeth cleaned.  I always get nervous/worried when I have to take him there.  They have to put him under to clean them.  I may have got a little teary eyed when I told him "Be good, I'll be here to get you after work."  Poor little fella.

I really like his vet though and I made sure to tell the nurse that I would call "several times" to check on him.  I wonder how early is too early to check on him.

Ozzy and Matt got to watch most of the Opening Day game yesterday.  Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost.  But hey, it was only the first game.  I could not be more excited that baseball season is finally here.

So I want to know who watches baseball and who is your team?

Happy Friday!


annoyed army wife said...

Poor Ozzy! I call the vet's office about 100 times when the doglets are getting their teeth cleaned. I'm annoying like that. We don't really watch baseball, but we loved going to Cubs games when we liked in Chicago. Actually I think we liked drinking beer and eating peanuts with our friends more than actual baseball watching.

Poekitten said...

I'm a bad mom cause my furbabies don't get their teeth cleaned. Oops! As for baseball, we're not huge fans. As in, we don't usually watch in on TV but we love to go to games! I'm from Boston, so by default I'm a Sox fan. I'm hoping we can get to a sox-Mariners game this year:)

MiMi said...

Awww, look at that widdle face!
Yeah, I talk baby talk to my dogs.
I seriously bawled all the time when I had to take the dogs to the vet...specially if it was an emergency thing.
Once my dog tore his toenail off and that was ick and then the first time we caught him having a seizure. SO sad. :(

MrsMcDancer said...

Such a cutie :)
I get worried anytime I have to leave Bear at the vet too. I think my anxiety totally wears off on him because he now HATES going to the vet, when he used to love it.
I only ever used to watch baseball with my grandma and she was a huge Mariners fan, but it just doesn't hold the same love for me. Now I just watch and think of her :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't watch baseball. My husband only does when the Indians are doing well. Which isn't often.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the Indians, the twins and the orioles. Sadly those teams hardly ever win!

shortmama said...

Hope his trip to the vet went well!

We watch the AZ Diamondbacks...read my hubs watches it and I find something else to do