I love awards!

This week I got another award. When I first started blogging I didn't get any awards for a long time. I thought I was a virtual lame ass. Look at me now. ;)

This one came from Dawn at Must Love Tots. Dawn was friend of mine in high school, we lost touch, and met back up through the blogging world. She is the mama of two beautiful kids and should be nominated for daughter of the year. Her blog is so funny and always makes me laugh. Thanks Dawn!

Here's the rules:
• Thank the person who gave this to you.
• Copy the logo and place it on your blog. Link the Person who nominated you.
• Name ten fun facts about yourself.

1. I suck at listing ten facts about myself. It usually takes me days to think of ten things. We'll see if I can think of ten of the top of my head.

2. Cardinals spring training games on today and tomorrow. I'm super pumped. Baseball season is so close I can feel it.

3. I'm leaving work early today to go talk to my adviser and asswipe.

4. I'm going to try to lose some weight. I never really cared about doing so before because Matt thinks I'm sexy and stuff. Besides, I thought I'd be pregnant by now so I would be fat anyways. Now it's getting nice out and I can't fit in my summer clothes. Don't worry my blog won't become overtaken with my work-out and eating routine.

5. I believe that happiness comes for the inside and not what a person looks like on the outside. Being a little on the heavy side shouldn't make a person unhappy.

6. I really hope it is nice this weekend. If it is Matt and I and my seester and her boyfriend friend that is a boy might go four-wheeler riding.

7. I'm ready for mushroom hunting. I'm not sure where in the U.S. they can be found but google it. Morel mushrooms. They grow in the woods here. Mushroom hunting involves drinking beer and walking around in the woods. Good times.

8. No, I will not give up beer in the summer in order to lose weight. I might try a lower calorie beer. Like Bud 55 but I heard it tastes like Clydesdale urine. So, no promises.

9. Spring is my friend. I can't wait to be playing outside on the weekends.

10. I'm starting to think that spring break is just an illusion. I keep hearing that it is going to happen but it's taking forever to get here.

And now to passing this on to 5 blogger buddies of mine:

Kate @ Sometimes Life is Messy
Jessie @ What You Wish For
Missy @ Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Rose @ Desert Rose Moments
Katie @ The Adventures of Katie and Josh

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Bring on the sunshine!


Yummy Mummy said...

I am so ready for spring too!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Spring cannot get here fast enough!

Congrats on the award!!

Katie said...

thanks for the award!!! And good luck talking to the asswipe, I hope you don't kill him haha

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I've heard that beer tastes awful! I don't blame you!

Desert Rose said...

Thanks and congrats for the award girl! I didn't know you and Dawn had known each other in real life...sounds a little like me and shortmama, but we didn't meet back up in the blogging world, she just introduced me to it.

Los said...

I can't wait for baseball season either! And, I can't wait for a nice cold beer on a warm summer night! Only a few months away!

Nuke Girl said...

Omg, I came to catch up on you because I've been behind on my blog reading this week.... and you left me a surprise award! Thank you so much!! :)