Selling/Buying a House

I don't think we ever planned on living in the house we bought forever.  It's a nice house.  It is exactly how we want it.  Matt has his man cave.  The dogs have the yard.

There is a problem.  Our house is in a town that is about 15-20 miles from where we work.  And also where my parents live.  (My mom watches Aubri while we work.)

So, if we stay in our house that we are in now, how will Aubri get from school to our house if we both work past the time school gets out?

I also figured that we are spending about $300 a month driving back and forth to work.  

So, we have decided we want to move back to the town we work in and are from.

The price of a house in the town we live in now is a lot lower than were we want to go.  That's why we bought a house there in the first place.  That was also when gas was $2.50 a gallon.  (God, I sound old saying that.)

We stuck a "For Sale By Owner" sign in our front yard two weeks ago.  We've had people ask for pictures.  A few nibbles, if you will.  

I think there are somewhere around 40 houses for sale in the town we live in. On the other hand, where we want to go, there are six.  And all of them are no-gos.

If we don't sell ours by this summer, we will most likely list it with a realtor.  If we do sell it before we find something else, we can stay with my parents or rent somewhere.

At least we have made a decision to move.   That's a start.


WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck! I hope the move goes smoothly.

Cece said...

The only solution if you didn't move would be for Aubri to go to school in the district where your mom lives. But it would be easier for you all to just be closer together. 15-20 miles doesn't even sound like much but it does add up. I'm about 14 miles from work and wish I was closer. Good luck with buying and selling. The market is so tricky right now.

Kayla said...

That's exciting! Hope it's a smooth process for you guys. And yes, you gotta start somewhere :)

MiMi said...

Oh it's such a stressful time when you try to move!!
PS: What town are you moving to?

Mrs. Match said...

Oh, moving is so hard, but that commute would be tough. Good luck with it and post pictures of your house hunting adventures!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's definitely a start! The house that I just bought in August is definitely not my forever house but I knew going in that I wanted to keep it for a few years at least. Have you listed it on sites? That will probably help get more interest.

Carmen Monrovia said...

So what happened with the house sale and the house hunting, Steph? I haven't heard anything about the house after you've put it on the market from your later posts; or maybe that's what's taking most of your time lately. All the same, I hope you can find a house in a better location and wouldn't eat up your money on more needed things. :* -->Carmen