Only Child

Chances are Aubria will be our only child.  

Matt and I feel like we were extremely lucky to be blessed with her.  She's perfect.  (I know everyone thinks that.)  But she really is.  She was born a 10 on the Apgar (whatever it's called) scale.  We could not have gotten a better child.  There is not one day that goes by that we don't tell her how good she is and how pretty she is.

She gets a little grouchy in the evenings but besides that, we have no problems with her.  Sometimes she sleeps all night.  And she can usually entertain herself, if need be.  She doesn't have to have a special formula or diaper.

We tried to get pregnant for 3 years and had one miscarriage before I was pregnant with Aubri.  Neither one of us want to go through that again.  Also, being pregnant was no walk in the park for either one of us.

Matt and I are 30 years old.  Now granted, we are not 50 and still possibly capable of producing more children but we are no spring chickens.

Not to mention, kids are expensive.  We are doing fine being able to afford everything our sweet baby girl could ever need or want.  Probably even some stuff that she doesn't need or want.  And we want to be able to do exactly that, give her everything she wants.  If we had another child, we might not be able to do that. 

I'm not saying that people should only have as many kids as they can afford to spoil, but that's what we are doing.  

The problem is that people are always making comments.  "When are you having another kid?"  "Oh, you have to have more."  "She'll want brothers and sisters."

I don't think anyone else is entitled to make that decision for us.  

We have talked about it.  We've made up our minds.  We have a perfect little angel to spoil and we are happy with our family.

Now, how do I politely tell people to drop it?


ROXY said...

There is nothing wrong with having one child. I had a fairly well pregnancy yet I almost don't want to go through having gestational diabetes, pregnancy symptoms and labor again. My husband wants more children but I would be ok if Kyra was our only child. People need to respect your family's decision. Btw, your baby girl is so adorable. :)

Jill said...

You guys do what's right for you & your family, and ignore anyone who tries to tell you differently. My brother & his wife have mentioned a few times that they're not sure if they want to have more children; that they might be happy with just one. It breaks my heart because I want more nieces and nephews, but I would never force my feelings on them!
Aubri is perfect :)

Furry Bottoms said...

What a sweetie pie!! :) You just tell people that you guys planned to have just one all along... and that Aubry is it.

I read something in a book last night, coincidentally... in which a woman was asked why she only had one child and not more. Much like your scenario, really. Her response was... "I just don't want to be greedy. I feel extremely blessed and that Nora (their child) was such a blessing and has brought so much happiness to them... how can we ask for more?" I thought that was very interesting.

Julie said...

That must be annoying! Just tell them everything you said here, like how happy your sweet girl makes you! I don't think it's a strange reply. Don't really know how to get them to stop asking though. We aren't even trying for kids yet and people ask us the same questions. Uhhh???

CeCe said...

I can get where you are coming from except we aren't having any kids at all. Try telling folks that! But it doesn't bother me. Don't let people make you feel bad for not wanting to have another kid. I think it's totally practical to only have what you feel you can afford. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Breed what you can feed." Unless those people pushing it are going to come over and provide childcare and baby necessities then it's none of their business. Just tell 'em like it is.

Megan said...

I hope you have however many kids you want! And who would want any more when you have one that is so so so pretty right there to love and spoil? I do think I want kids and that seems to be driving people crazy and I always just thank them for their thoughts and move on. Everyone will always have some sort of advice to give you....just let it roll off!

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Mrs. Match said...

First off good for you guys for making that decision! I'm glad you both agree too, and it's not just one of you. I have always wanted two children, but with the struggles I've been through this year I will be so grateful for one, and may stop there, so I get it!
I told my mother in law, who insists that we need two, that we're lucky if we get one, and she just has to deal with it. I felt like telling her she should help pay for adoption if she wants us to have two so badly ;-)

I'm sure there are polite ways of going about it especially to acquaintances. If you figure it out, let me know!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm an only child and I don't think there is anything wrong with only stopping after one. Sometimes I wish I would have had a sibling but most of the time I'm A OK with it! lol

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