What's been happening?

I haven't posted a blog in awhile so I figured I better to try to keep this things going. I have been very busy lately.

I have now gotten A's on all four of my papers in school. I'm working on trying to decide what to take next semester. I might have to take a math class and although I have always been good at math, I am a little nervous about taking it over the summer since I will only have half the time to re-learn it all. I'm going to have to take two math classes so it is important for me to learn everything in the first easier class.

Hospice has been called into help with my Grandma. Dr. Runde says he can no longer treat her pain. Hospice has been helping us to deal with her approaching death also. They said it could be any day or a week or so. She's been sleeping a lot since she has been receiving more pain meds and sometimes when she is a wake she is very confused. At least she is no longer in pain. She is at the nursing home now and someone from our family is there all the time, except for a few hours in the middle of the night. Tonight is my night to stay till midnight or so.

Matt and I are trying to get approved for a home loan. We haven't picked out a house or anything. We just wanted to try to get ahead of the game. Home loans are foreign to me and getting one for the amount we wanted may be harder than originally anticipated.

19 more days till I am with my husband again.

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